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More often than not Elearning Software providers have completely different pricing models. Also on areas like features, target group and ease of use there are major differences. As a potential buyer it might seem overwhelming to make up your mind about which system fits your budget and learning purposes. We provide information and advice on Elearning related systems. Our main focus are the Elearning Authoring Software tools, since we believe that these are have the highest potential. We strive to provide you with complete transparency on Elearning related topics.

We guide you in your decision process by providing a wide range of content and advice. Product comparisons are used by almost all consumers before they decide to buy a product whether it is a telephone or a new car. However with Elearning Software this is not yet the norm. We believe that potential buyers will benefit from a similar approach. Therefore we offer a variety of Elearning Software comparisons.

Elearning Software Comparison Content

This site has numerous articles that help with your Elearning Software comparison. The articles give advice on what you should look for in Elearning Software. Additionally we have created an Elearning Advice and Overview, which summarizes the most relevant features and costs of the major Elearning authoring tools. Also we recently started writing articles using a  One on One Elearning Comparison approach.

In these Elearning Software comparisons and overviews we compare a variety of elearning software platforms, elearning software platforms and elearning software authoring tools. Some of the systems we take into consideration are; Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Elucidad, Easygenerator, Trivantis Lectora, Gomo Learning and Udutu.


Elearning Software Comparison Specialists

Personal advice

Next to our content, comparisons and our own advisory tool. Our specialists also offer you personal advice. Just reach out to us and send a list of your requirements. We will then help you out with finding the right match for your needs. Since we have close connections with several Elearning suppliers we ensure you get the sharpest offer.