eLearning Website – 8 Fantastic Options

As the cost of traditional education continues to increase and the lack of personalization reaches the stage where it could almost be considered a farce, more and more students are seeking this personalization elsewhere. The answer is often found in the Elearning website. With the traditional classroom not offering learning that matches their goals, some are turning to ‘for profit’ colleges but even these can’t avoid charging extortionate rates. Add in to this the lack of regulation and questionable accrediting, you have a recipe for disaster.

With this in mind, eLearning websites are becoming the go-to solution and today we’re going to discover eight of the very best depending on your goals and needs. We have a range of comparisons of such eLearning websites, have a look at our Elearning Authoring Software Comparison between Easygenerator and Articulate.

Coursera – Partnered with universities, institutions, and even museums, Coursera is able to offer free classes on numerous topics. On the eLearning website, you can search for your desired course or browse the list of available courses to see what’s on offer. At first, students feel a little nervous with this option but you can review important information before you get started including; the all-important syllabus, course format, course information, required materials, recommended experience, and whether or not you receive a statement of accomplishment.

TedEd – Nowadays, everybody knows about the many Ted Talks doing the rounds on Facebook and other social media sites. However, did you know they open up hundreds of educational videos for no cost on their website? From topical videos to motivational speakers, this resource could be pivotal for your field and your personal progression.

W3 Schools – Once again, we come across a free eLearning website and one that looks to teach all students about web design. If this is your niche, you can choose from specific topics including SQL, HTML, Jquery, PHP, and more. With each concept you choose, you’ll have plenty of tutorials and tests to reaffirm the knowledge and ensure you feel comfortable before moving on. With a final test, you can show your knowledge and pay a small fee for a completion certificate.

Academic Earth – As the name suggests, the people at Academic Earth have a belief that education should be available all around the world. Therefore, they provide access to courses and universities for students of all backgrounds but with a particular focus on those in underprivileged areas. Now, they have world-class courses from world-class universities that have been hand-selected to provide the best service.

Khan Academy – If you’ve come across this name previously, you’ll know just how popular the eLearning website has become and this is for good reason. Allowing for learners to work at their own pace, all courses are free and provide a great path of learning across a whole manner of topics. With the opportunity to earn badges and feel a sense of progression, it’s a fantastic option for young people and adults alike whether you want to learn about starting your own business or perhaps a more technical skill.

Open Yale Courses – First and foremost, who wouldn’t want to gain an education from Ivy League instructors? With the courses at Yale, you’ll have the support from some of the best instructors in the country as well as course content that’ll teach you everything you need to know about your chosen topic.

Codecademy – Although designed solely for people who want to learn how to code for a living, Codecademy is one of the best technology course websites in the world. At the very beginning, you’ll have an opportunity to choose your own learning objectives before then being shown the appropriate course for your needs. By the end, you can put these skills to good use by furthering your knowledge with another course or by applying for roles in the industry.

With Codeacademy, it has been a huge success mainly because it allows users to get into coding with ease. Now, the niche is more accessible than ever before and this is perfect for absolute beginners with little experience.

Open Culture – Finally, we have an eLearning website that offers classes across a broad range of topics. In fact, these classes are actually opportunities offered by universities and colleges across the US. Regardless of age, the website is designed to give everybody an opportunity to learn online and obtain certificates appropriate for their industry.

Summary – With these eight eLearning websites, there’s no reason why you can’t obtain the skills you need this year. As you partake in the class or course that suits you, you pick up genuinely useful industry knowledge that could just make you the most attractive candidate when applying for a role within the same industry.