E-Learning Authoring Software Comparison – Articulate Storyline vs. Easygenerator

Creating online content is essential for a variety of people and businesses, no matter if it is employee training, student learning or onboarding. Quality E-learning is within reach when the content is made with E-learning Software that suits your approach. Also it is of importance that you can achieve the desired outcome and that the content you create is appropriate for your target audience. Not all E-learning courses have the same aims and not all E-learning courses are created by people that have a similar background. Today’s E-Learning Authoring Software Comparison, compares two E-learning authoring tools that both are well received and respected, but do differ significantly. This article will help you decide how to spend your money wisely.

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This E-Learning Authoring Software Comparison, shows that Easygenerator is very accessible, intuitive to work with and still has plenty of customizability. On the other hand Articulate Storyline scores greatly on interactivity and can be seen as a heavier tool. Both Easygenerator and Articulate are two important players in the 2017 E-learning Software market. Articulate has a several products available that can be used for content creation. For the purpose of this article the focus lies on Articulate Storyline 3. Both Easygenerator and Articulate provide an E-learning Authoring Software solution, however they still are different in many aspects. In order to differentiate the tools clearly, a good starting point are the features of the tools. We will not dive into features that both tools have available, but rather will talk about the differences.

The first thing that stands out directly when both tools are launched is the fact that Easygenerator is entirely web-based (SaaS) while articulate is still a Windows (desktop) based application. One of the implications is that Storyline isn’t compatible straightforwardly with Macs and mobile devices. Surely there is a way around to run Storyline on a Mac, but it is quite a hassle. Easygenerator can run smoothly on a mac and mobile devices, both from a creation and learner’s perspective. This is simply done by going to the Easygenerator website on your mobile phone and log in. An interesting feature that Storyline has is their so called “story view” this option gives you an overview of the entire course and helps you organize the created slides and layers.  However in order to have this overview you need to switch from the slide mode to the story mode, which in some cases can be somewhat confusing. Easygenerator also allows you to have an overview of the content you created without having to switch between different modes. In general looking at both tools’ features it boils down to the fact that storyline has somewhat more options and therefore has slightly more freedom and flexibility compared to Easygenerator. This does result in a more confusing and complicated interface. Especially for people without a ton of E-learning creation experience this can lead to frustration. Easygenerator in contrast has a very low learning curve and is highly intuitive.

E-learning Authoring Software Comparison - Easygenerator sections

Finally this E-Learning Authoring Software Comparison shows that a difference between the tools is that Easygenerator, in contrast with Storyline, has a built in tracking and tracing system. This implies that if you would like to track the results of your learners with storyline you need to buy a Learning Management System. In conclusion there are plenty of features and options in Easygenerator, however if you are already highly experienced in E-learning creation and are looking for a rather complicated and heavy tool Storyline might be your preferred choice.


Both tools have trial versions available for you to try out. Next to this trial version, Easygenerator also has a completely free version of its tool available without a time constraint. Of course this version is limited in functionality compared to the paid versions of the tool, but still may be sufficient for some of the light users. The billing of the tools for the paid versions are rather different. Where articulate storyline works with a perpetual license with limited updates at the costs of (a one off) $1398. Easygenerator works with three different paid plans, ranging from $26 to $63 per month per author (with unlimited learners). These licenses are flexible and billed per month.E-Learning Software vs. article


As stated in the beginning of today’s E-Learning Authoring Software Comparison we are not going to give you a final verdict on which tool is the best tool. This depends on your personal experience, needs and goals. If you have a ton of experience and need a complicated course Articulate might be your tool.  We can however conclude that Easygenerator pricewise is the most flexible and most affordable tool, has the lowest learning curve and a built in tracking system. We also believe that a windows (desktop based) tool, as is the case with Articulate, is not really appropriate in 2017. This makes it difficult to use the tool and content on a mac or on a mobile device.