Top 7 Authoring Software Guide – Elearning Software Comparison

Today we will have an compact Elearning Software Comparison discussing the top 7 Authoring Software according to us. Nowadays, Authoring Software is becoming an important tool for all content producers whether it is a business creating one course for all of their new employees to complete or an individual creating courses all year round. With the advancements we have seen in technology, there is no debating the quality of the services on offer and there are now more companies trying their hand at providing e-learning authoring software than ever before. The need for good Elearning Software comparisons therefore becomes bigger. We try to fulfill this need with our own range  of E-Learning Authoring Software Comparison articles.

You might be wondering which solution is the best and, in truth, this is a brilliant and somewhat difficult question to answer. With every company suggesting that they offer the best product, it can be hard to compare one with another let alone all different products in the same conversation. However, we are cutting through all of the nonsense for you today to judge seven of the biggest products according to a variety of factors. This article will help you with an Elearning Software comparison, assessing the greatest 7 authoring tools according to us.

Today, we will be assessing the Authoring Software; Adobe Presenter, TechSmith Camtasia, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Engage, Harbinger Raptivity, Adobe Connect, and Articulate Presenter. Not only we will compare the costs of these authoring software, we will also look into their interface,  authoring software platforms, and many other factors. For more advice on how to find suitable software, please consider our article with tips and tricks on finding the right E-learning Authoring Software. This article is great assistance as a Elearning software comparison.

Cost – Depending on your budget, some Authoring Software options may not be available to you so the first factor we have today is the cost of the different software. Sadly, many people often forget to factor in their time when comparing cost but this is important because a free piece of software may force you to spend three times as long creating the end product. In other occasions, you will find that cheaper options give more features than the expensive ones so this is something to look into. For the standard Authoring Software, Adobe Connect is the cheapest of the seven with Adobe Captivate and Harbinger Raptivity sitting at the other end of the scale.

Platforms – Of the seven, six will successfully run in Windows whilst Adobe Connect runs online (which is why it is the cheapest option). With Adobe Captivate, you will find that it has been designed for the Mac market. If you indeed own a Mac, you can also consider Engage, Presenter, and Camtasia as these have features that will run well.

Interface – If you don’t have too much experience with Authoring Software, the interface will be important for you and it’s fair to say that most fall into the category of being PowerPoint extensions. As a result, they are easy to use and master but do sometimes restrict certain activities. For the more standalone products, there is less restriction.

Furthermore, forms and wizards are also used by many and these can also limit your work compared to free-form editing. If you want to avoid mistakes or produce content faster, this option then becomes justified.

Strongest Use – In our Elearning software comparison power is also an important feature. For a feature-rich Authoring Software experience, Adobe Captivate will be your best option but you also have to consider the time it will take to learn all of these features. If you need to get started immediately, you might want to go for one of the more simple options. Although each Authoring Software will boast individual elements of a great e-learning course, they really shine when used together. For example, Captivate and Camtasia really shine when it comes to software simulations whilst Adobe Connect can pick up the slack for synchronous learning styles. Once you know the strengths and weaknesses of each, you will be in a better position moving forward.

Media – If you are looking to keep your audience engaged as much as possible with the Authoring Software course, you might want to use a plethora of media and this is available with the majority of tools here today. Therefore this aspect is also taken into account during our Elearning Software Comparison. Whist Engage restricts PowerPoint and animations, Presenter, Captivate, and Connect cover all bases and allow audio, video, images, animations, Flash, and more.

Publishing – Finally, we have the publishing abilities of the seven Authoring Software and this will also be important because you need to know what you can do with your end product. For example, does it have to be delivered in PDF format? Can it be used on Mac as well as Windows? Also, you should make a move towards mobile since this is where the industry has been heading in recent years. For all seven authoring software options, they can publish as HTML and Flash which is always a good start. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive option, Adobe Captivate will be your best bet as it includes online, Mac app, MP4, Word, PDF, and can also support mobile devices. In terms of mobile, the only option to fully support these devices right now is Adobe Connect so this is something to consider.

Summary – After reading this and carrying out your own research, you will probably land on two or three final Authoring Software options. If it gets to this point, think about adopting one as your main option and then using certain features from the other one or two whenever needed. For example, when writing a report you might use Word primarily but also with a helping hand from Excel when you include some spreadsheets. After choosing Presenter, for example, you could incorporate Camtasia’s videos or the interactions from Raptivity.

Once you have the Authoring Software to suit your needs, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot succeed with all future projects. As long as it fits into your budget, you can purchase your favored option and create online and offline courses for the masses or just for your employees!