Elearning Authoring Tool; Why do you need one

As you know, an elearning authoring tool can be incredibly helpful for your business in integrating new employees as well as for various other tasks. However, convincing management of the investment at a time where everyone is cutting costs is another story. Today, we have five arguments you can use to try and persuade them. Find more information on Elearning Authoring Software here.

Share the Knowledge – When a team works together for a significant amount of time, they go through certain courses together and they use each other to boost their knowledge. In the coming years, millions of baby boomers are set to retire and millennial are always on the lookout for a job that better matches their needs. Therefore, getting an elearning authoring tool in place will enable the business to get all the knowledge down on paper (or computer) before key staff members leave. Rather than losing it and having to start again, everything you need will be on the elearning authoring tool regardless of who works in the business.

Remove Need for Outsourcing – While in business, you’re likely to outsource something along the way whether it’s graphic design, website design, etc. If you choose to go for a high-quality authoring tool, you can do more in-house and even when you do outsource a job, they can create it within the parameters of your software for easy integration. As long as you choose the right tool, you can save costs by;

• Building a list of assets in a library to be used on various projects
• Re-using any projects required across the business
• Utilizing the built-in review functions; save time and potentially improve communication between a team inside and outside of the business
• Shared tools allow direct editing wherever necessary
• Build a foundation of content thus removing the need to ever start from scratch again

Faster Reactions – Thanks to the improvements in technology we’ve seen in recent years, there is now more competition in every single industry. Therefore, it’s often the fastest business to react to the ever-changing demands of the consumer that wins the race. As well as taking advantage of opportunities, you also need to deal with any problems that come your way whether through cyber attacks or the introduction of new laws and regulations.

With the right elearning authoring tool, you can immediately create an action plan to be sent to every single employee regardless of where they are in the world. Nowadays, it’s all about personalized learning which means that some tools will deliver to smartphones, tablets, and whatever other devices your team might have. With this in mind, you can be confident in reaching out to them in times of need. With this smooth line of communication, the action plan can be implemented within hours rather than days or weeks.

If you choose a cloud-based elearning authoring tool, another benefit comes in your ability to update the message within seconds. If you have no tool or if you don’t own it, this is practically impossible and it’s this kind of hesitation that allows competitors to take a portion of your customer base. By adapting the presentation to your employee’s needs, you don’t have to send out a generic presentation that won’t apply to most.

Relevance is Vital – For the longest time, employees have been restricted in where they learn and receive information. Therefore, the introduction of tablets and mobile devices has led to their need of learning in a way that’s personalized and relevant for them. If needed, they can access the portal during work but they can also learn on the commute to and from work, at home, in the gym, and wherever they feel they learn best.

If they cannot achieve this from your company, they will start turning to other online content such as YouTube or various social forums because you aren’t providing them the tools to succeed. According to Deloitte, a huge percentage of businesses are still making do with outdated, static learning platforms despite the employee’s need to have mobile content available to them. By introducing an elearning authoring tool, you can meet the needs of the employee whilst accessing the other advantages in this list.

In-House Collaboration – Finally, there has been a significant amount said about the happiness of employees over the past few years. While the baby boomers worked for money and this mindset stayed in place for many years, times are changing and millennials work for happiness. If they don’t feel satisfied in their role, it won’t take long before they start looking elsewhere because they know life’s too short to not enjoy their career; the baby boomers are telling them this from experience.

Of course, taking them bowling and out for meals will certainly make them feel valued by the company but long-term happiness requires more than this; it needs the support of the company and the tools they need to excel and grow within the business. With an elearning authoring tool, this can help with overall employee happiness because they’re being kept up-to-date with news, you’re allowing them to learn in a way that suits them, and you also promote collaboration between employees.

With most authoring tools, the employees can leave feedback and reviews for all content created and this is helpful for both parties. Not only do they feel as though they’re contributing, you receive critical feedback moving forward. In addition to creating content for others, employees can be provided with the content they need to improve in the role rather than having to look elsewhere for it.

Where Should You Look?

So now you should see how authoring tools can be important for a business, but how do you know where to look considering there are so many options in the market? Below, we’ve listed a few key considerations;

Open Communication – Firstly, the tool should allow for two-way communication. If you allow employees to leave feedback by offering surveys or a comments section, you can continually improve your offering of content to meet their needs.

Relevance – Rather than going for elearning authoring tool that allow you to produce hundreds of pieces of content, you need one that allows quick communication and the right content when it’s required. Whilst being personalized and adaptive, the content needs to be available at the right times to benefit from the faster reaction.

Analytics – If possible, find a tool with in-depth analytics because this will allow you to assess how the learners are interacting with the content. Furthermore, you can see the effectiveness of polls, challenges, and questionnaires. Once you see where the learners view the content and with which devices, you can continually improve your personalized approach.

Design – Finally, you need a elearning authoring tool that offers different media types as well as an array of options for design. If you’re going to use the analytics to keep improving your offering, you need the right tools behind you as the engine to keep moving forward! We made our own E-Learning Authoring Software Comparison between Easygenerator and Articulate Storyline.